No more CD Baby!

Remember vinyl took a detour as well.

I still like spinning CDs from time to time.

So we can look forward to the CD revival in 20 years or so…:wink:


sure, but only on high end titanium players with external clock shifters on fancy CAN protocol driven ultra high spin AC connectors…


Time for a name change.


This is a bummer, but not unexpected. CDBaby closed their download store back in March of 2020 to focus on streaming distribution for their artists rather than downloads. I expected their physical media distribution to also get closed down soonish. And now it has.

This also means that the gnomes they employed in their warehouse are now out of work and will be invading local Portland Oregon area gardens. The CDBaby order confirmation emails would say that a special clan of gnomes has prepared your order, headed by Sir Zero BitSnap. What is Sir Zero BitSnap going to do now?

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