No MQA play from Meridian 218

Since a few days my Meridian 218 refuses to play MQA. It sticks to Standard resolution files, whereas I play Tidal Master from my Apple macbook pro, connection through ethernetcable, router, switch to 218.
Playing through a Meridian Explorer directly from the USB on my Apple MacBook works MQA perfectly. I checked all the Roon and 218 settings but to no avail, up to now.

Can you confirm for your 218 zone on Roon that:

  • DSP is disabled.
  • Volume levelling is disabled.
  • Can you post a screen shot of Roon signal path.

Have you rebooted the 218 and Roon core?

Hi Carl, Thanks for your quick response.
I heven’t rebooted Roon cire, nor the218. Have no idea how to do that.
Checked the dsp and volume settings you mentioned, they are both alright.

Signal path as follows: Roon core on MacBook pro> cat 6 cable to TPlink switch, connected with cat 6 cable to modem/routerConnectbox ( from Dutch provider Ziggo)

connected with second switch TPlink through cat6 cable
cat6 cable to Meridian 218
analogue LR cables to Arcam AVR550
speakercables to Piega and Elac surround speakers and Mordaunt Sort sub.

Sorry, no picture available.

You can see your signal path by clicking on the coloured dot to the right of the track/artist info in the black play bar:

It would help if you could post a screenshot of yours like I posted above.

As for rebooting: restart the computer you are running Roon on, and unplug/replug the power to your 281.

Hello Rene (sounds pretty Dutch btw),

I rebooted both devices but alas, to no no effect.

Hope you’d still be able to help me further.

You will need to disable volume levelling (Volume normalisering) in the zone settings of your 218 (right-click on the 218 icon in the black play bar to access them) to allow the MQA tracks to reach the 218 untouched.

Thanks very much René!
Enjoy…I Will anyway!