No music information on Marantz NA-11S1 screen [Answered]

Hi there

I connected my iMac through its USB High Speed Audio with a Marantz NA-11S1 DAC. Unfortunately I cannot see the information such as song title,… on the Marantz screen. Before starting the trial with Roon I used the Free Songbird application, and then I had all the song, music information on the Marantz.
Can you help ?

Thank you, Luc

The Marantz network player is not Roon Ready, so I do not believe that the USB connection carries any Roon information other than the audio itself. In said scenario, the Marantz is functioning just as a generic USB DAC, not as a network player.

The Marantz appears to support primarily DLNA/UPnP, which Roon does not support. And if the Songbird app used DLNA/UPnP to make a connection with the Marantz, that would explain why the accompanying music info appeared on the Marantz display.

As a solution, the Marantz does appear to support AirPlay networking, as does Roon. And I believe that AirPlay will convey the accompanying music info to the Marantz display.


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Thank you Andrew, I understand. However, I believe that airplay downsamples the audio files to 44.1 kHz, so quality would be lost ?