No, not again... [database update]

Though I upgraded my machine recently to a XEON processor plus 16 GB RAM I would like to see this less often or optimized. I understand roon does not use a “conventional” database, but rebuilding this over and over again consumes just to much time. There must be a more efficient way to “upgrade” the database.

If there is not: Could you share some information why this has to be so different from the usual way of operating a database?

Seems this message is not correct. It came up after turning on the server. Now importing and scanning files, which is done in no time at all. Curious, if there will be a rescan of files (which may take a day or two…).

I see this screen quite often too. Roon should give more information what roon does . From version ? to version x. How long it takes. What the software is doing.