NO NUCs what now?

I have a NUC as my core works great…BUT its no longer available…so what do you advice DIYers like myself to do IF they want to build another dedicated ROON core computer. Do you have a parts list etc.

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As a fellow user, I would and have said your options are to…

  • wait until Roon lists specific models of Nuc’s as Roon supported ( my guess would be Asus)
  • buy any PC or NUC and load an operating system (Linux or Windows) and then RoonServer for that OS
  • buy any PC or NUC and load ROCK understanding that you are running it on unsupported hardware and the Tinkering section would be where you get questions answered.

I personally think the second option is the way to go at the moment if you need something now. Otherwise, I’d say wait as in option one. This has been discussed before and you might want to review this thread

Intel have handed over the NUC concept to ASUS so the NUC as such should be available , soon if not now, so maybe wait if you are not desperate. Roon will have to declare which ones are supported though

But in the light of the acquisition I would second @Rugby suggestion of another OS PC at the moment, there are many small form PC’s around . Load Windows an it’s future proofed for any music system (JRiver , Audirvana etc) system

A lot depends on if you can locate a PC away from your listening position where fan noise etc and just network. I ran Roon on a i7 7700 Desktop for years without a blip, although I too made the ROCK transition around 2 yrs back.

My local goto PC shop has stock …

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