No playback anymore, neither from library nor Tidal

Good evening.

After months and months of listening with Roon without major problems (apart from those annoying small dropouts now and then) I am experiencing a weird problem now.

Pressing the “play” button doesn’t start the song anymore. The only thing that happens is that the moving equalizer icon at the title is displayed but elapsed information remains at 0:00 and nothing happens. This problems appears with each and every song in my library and even with Tidal songs.

In settings everything looks ok, folders on my NAS (QNAP TS-670 Pro with loads of RAM and SSD cache) are connected, my Meridian MS600 is found as zone and I can browse all libraries. Just no playback.

The core runs on a potent Intel NUC.

I have already rebooted every device in the chain including the switch but that did not help.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,

Hi @landogarner ------ Thank you for the report and apologies for the troubles here. I see that you have already provided some details of your setup:

  • NAS (QNAP TS-670 Pro with loads of RAM and SSD cache)
  • Meridian MS600
  • The core runs on a potent Intel NUC

Thank you for these details :+1: I would like to kindly ask you to please expand on this information and give us the exact details of your setup as seen here.

Furthermore, can you please provide the details of your network configuration/topology, as well as providing insight into any networking hardware you may be implementing (routers, extenders, repeaters, switches (as mentioned above), etc). Having the make and models of these devices would also be very helpful :sunglasses: I look forward to your feedback.


Good morning Eric and thank you for taking care.

Storage is on QNAP TS-670 Pro with core i5 3570T, 16GB RAM, 5x 3,64 TB HDD in RAID5 plus 2 TB SSD Cache connected with 2x single 1 Gbit Cat6 connections + 1x 802.3ad trunk. Latest firmware.

Switch is DLink DGS-1210-16 with latest firmware. All conntections (except the iPad) are wired.
Router is Fritzbox 7360SL with latest firmware.

Roon Core is on NUC with core i3-6100U and Windows10 x64 and 32 GB RAM.
Roon Client is running on latest iPad and on Windows 7 x64 PC.

Output is Meridian MS600

My library contains approx. 20.000 tracks.
All Roon updates have been made.

When hitting “play” on a song, everything looks normal, even the envelope curve of the song is displayed correctly. However, no music is played and the counter remains on 0:00.

Normally everybody says “I did not touch anything” but in my case this is not true. As I still experienced small dropouts during streaming I was searching the net for some proposals how to improve this situation. In one blog I found the instruction to enable STP in the router. I did that and afterwards Roon had the described behaviour. I undid the change and rebooted ALL devices but the problem persists.

UPDATE : while writing this I remembered that I had also set jumbo frames to 9000 in the Roon Core and did not undo this setting. I just did and Roon is working again ! Sorry to bother you…

Would you please give me some “best practice” for Roon on network settings as jumbo frames and others ? As mentioned, in my configuration I still have those dropouts (very small now in relation with previous Roon versions but still notable) I’d like to eliminate.

Should jumbo frames be disabled throughout the chain ? What about QOS ? Any recommendations ?


Hi @landogarner ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback! Glad to hear that undoing the jumbo frames settings had restored stability to your setup :clap::+1: In my most humble opinion, I always prefer to not have jumbo frames engaged as every link in the chain on the network must have jumbo frames enabled in order to work, and if they don’t things become a bit finicky as you have already noticed.

Moving forward, the dropout you have been experiencing can be caused by a number of reasons as we have highlighted in our knowledge base. I have found that the most common reasons for this issue are either some sort of networking problem OR equipment issues. A few months ago we had a user who was experiencing dropouts in a VERY high end audio setup and the root of the problem ended up being a failing drive in their NAS.

With that in mind, the best practice for troubleshooting this type of issue is to simplify the current setup to it’s bare minimum and add pieces of the “chain” back in until the issue is reproduced. While tedious, this process of elimination has been quite reliable, as I myself have used this troubleshooting method while investigating any dropout related issues in my home audio setup.