No proper Roon Remote available for Linux PCs?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Synology DS218+/DSM6.2/8GB RAM

Network Details
Turris Omnia (n+ac/2GB RAM/128GB SSD, quite powerful!)

Audio Devices
Several. Android phone, Windows PC, Bluesound Node 2, and Debian linux PC

Description Of Issue
Being new to Roon, I’m in the process of setting up stuff - mostly outputs and remotes:

  • Core install went well - easy in fact :slight_smile:
  • First remote (windows tablet) was a breeze. Super easy.
  • First output (Bluesound Node2). A doddle.
  • Second combined remote/output (office desktop - Windows) A doddle.

I now have three zones;

  • Livingroom - the Node2
  • Mobile - the phone
  • Office - the desktop machine

But I’m not done yet; I want to add another machine, running Debian linux. However, I find no suitable remote/output installers for proper Linux-boxes. The text on this page specifically says

Install Roon on any supported devices you want to use as a remote, including Macs or Windows computers, Android tablets or phones, or iPhones or iPads.

I’m a bit puzzled here. At its core I sense Roon is a Linux-thing. Yet, there are only remotes available for non-Linux-platforms.

Really? Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

Any pointers to combined remote/output applications (like the one for WindowsPCs, in fact) would be much appreciated.

There is no control app version for Linux. There is the server and there is the RoonBridge endpoint for Linux. The control apps are for iOS, Android phone and tablet and MAC OS and Windows for PCs.

It is not.

That being said there have been several threads detailing setting up WINE to run Roon. Try reviewing this thread:

Okay. So I’ve added a feature request for such an installer. Roon is designed for multiplatform, correct?

Wine-install. A possibility, and thank you for pointing it out. I would, however, prefer a native install for exactly the same reason that Windows users don’t like software that require GnuWin middleware/wrapping. It’s cumbersome and not right.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:



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