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I am having a problem with Roon Remote not reacting to turning of my tablet and not displaying filters and

equilazers. Roon program is OK on my computer but when I try to use Roon Remote from my Tablet (which is the latest version of

Huawei M5 lite) the functions in question fail. It is interesting though, i had this problem 5 days ago then it was OK for 2 days(everything worked and turned) Now I am having it again! The display does not turn in horizontal position and I do not see filters and equalizers display, which is most inconvenient cause I can’t manage Roon from the tablet or my samsung telephone! Could you, please help me fix this

bug (or I do not know what to call it). It is not the problem with my tablet since it reacts to all the other programs and turns it horisontally

with the movement of my hand.

Thank you very much in advance

Best wishes


Hi Boris,
You won’t get display rotation in tablets. If Roon sees your display as being small or lower resolution it will send the phone interface only and work in portrait mode. If it thinks you have a bigger/higher resolution screen it will send the full GUI but only work in landscape.

Hi Henry,

But it did rotate 2 days ago!!!
And then what’s the use in remote if you can’t control roon from the distance?!

Hi @11150,

The horizontal display features are based on the pixel density information that Roon receives from the tablet. I have seen a few reports of people changing this pixel density manually to help with similar issues. Please look over this thread and let me know if it helps:


My 7 inch tablet does that occasionally.

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