"No Sonicorbiter OS based music servers found on your network."

(Daniel Parker) #1

My apologies, please disregard, it was enough to power down and restart my modem to fix this.



Windows 10 computer for managing
SONICTRANSPORTER I5, connected by USB 3 cable to external hard drive, connected by ethernet cable to
SmartRG router

dCS Network Bridge connected by ethernet cable to
tp-link range extender

Roon app on ipad mini
dCS Network Bridge app on ipad mini

Music is playing through the dCS Network Bridge as I write this. Internet connections are fine.

But I can no longer connect to the SONICTRANSPORTER I5 from Windows 10 desktop. Typing in the browser



Music Servers 0
No Sonicorbiter OS based music servers found on your network.

This just happened, it was fine earlier today. Tried restarting, no affect. Tried on a different Windows 7 computer, same result.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.


(Andrew Gillis) #2

Great solution!

Rebooting your router is a great way to resolve this problem.

If you get a new router it’s not a bad idea to reboot all your network devices so they can all get a new DHCP lease.