No sound from FIP l'ectro

I’ve been enjoying listening to this station since reading about it but since yesterday none of the streams work for me via Roon: that is the counter starts ticking but I hear only silence. The station seems to be still playing via their website.

No such problems with the main FIP station via Roon though.

I dont know why they went quiet, but I’ve changed the streams. Try now.

Hi Brian - thanks for looking at this so quickly. Looks like the streams for FIP Electro are now those of the main FIP station…

Ok. I did check that the music from the stream matched that of the electro web site, but didn’t check further.

Just added a different stream. Plays different music. Can you check?

Hi - yes, the first stream is playing nicely and is the FIP Electro :+1:t4:

The other two streams on the page (another AAC 192 and a 128 mp3) are still the main FIP station rather than Electro, though.

Funny. The main FIP sites all use the streams I first added. Other sites use the last stream. I dont know if FIP are changing things but in the meantime shall we go with the last stream I added? If things go pear-shaped later, let me know.