No sound from Lumin U1 USB

This afternoon my gorgeous Lumin U1 arrives, I set it all up and connect to my Ayon Stratos dac using a dual headed USB from both USB outlets of the Lumin to the USB connection on the Stratos.

Roon saw the Lumin immediately, the Stratos was receiving ‘something’ (the display was static … it flashes if there is no signal), I started playing Roon and the Lumin display mirrored my selection … but no sound … I double checked all settings and connections, all OK, still no sound.

The other strange thing was that in the Lumin app, the USB outlet isn’t shown as an on-off connection option, only the other four (BNC, SPDIF, AES and Optical). My gut feeling is that its some tiny setting as everything seems to be seeing each other etc, just no sound and no option of turning the USB connections on or off in the Lumin app.

Any experiences?

Please use a computer printer USB cable instead of an audiophile or a dual headed USB cable.

No such option exists, because USB detection is automatic.

Please make sure Volume Control is disabled, Custom Re-Sampling is disabled.

Please try a different USB cable.

Thanks Wklie, am thinking it is the cable as manual states only one USB outlet works at a time so maybe am confusing things with the double header. Will follow your suggestions over the weekend and respond back with the findings.

Sorted thanks. I did all the above and still no sound. Then found the device muted in the app lol. Thank you for your quick support.