No sound from Nucleus Plus through Clarus Coda DAC to Rega Brio 2

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus, latest software.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connected, using iPad to control.

Connected Audio Devices

Clarus Coda DAC plugged into Nucleus USB port, output via interconnect to Rega Brio 2.

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

iPad Shows Coda is getting Signal, but there is no audible output at Rega volume setting.

There is no mention of Linux, which is the Nucleus operating system.

True. But the Coda was initially working, and then, after a Roon update, it wasn’t. I tried reinstalling it, but it still wouldn’t pass the signal it was receiving. Today I removed it and connected the Nucleus to a Marantz Model 40N with HDMI, and the same problem: nothing out of the Marantz. I can use Airplay, from my iPad, but the sound is dreadful. I am truly mystified.

Did you go to Roon - Settings - Audio and make sure the devices were still there and check their settings?

I did visit Room Audio Settings to check on the settings. They look okay.

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