No sound - SOtM 200 & MOTU UltraLite-mk5

Hi Roon Community!

Everything seems to be in order - when I hit start, the Roon counter goes, and the UltraLite changes sample rate… but I get no signal out from any of the DAC’s output channels.

It’s a multi-channel DAC, so maybe there’s an issue with channel mapping? I’ve tried mapping to different output channels using the mixing rules in Roon’s Procedural EQ, but still can’t get any output.

Looking at http://eunhasu.local/dacinfo/, I get the following during playback:

Would love to hear any suggestions as to how I might get this to work correctly.


What kernel is that running?

Not sure if this is correct, but it’s reading: 4.18.19-224.fc27.armc7hl

Does this make sense?

Do you have Ubuntu running on any machine? That you can run v5.11 kernel with Roon Bridge, with your Motu?

For testing, not permanent solution

No, I only have the iFi and SOtM streamers. Not a big deal as the UltraLite works perfectly with a Win 10 PC. The only downside really is that it’s drawing ~80W instead of a streamer’s ~10W.

Rather than go the Pi route with Ubuntu, I’d rather spend my time listening to music, and just wait until iFi and/or SOtM update their software.


Here’s the SOtM DAC info with the Okto dac8 PRO:

The Okto works fine with the SOtM, but the MOTU doesn’t. Are there any clues here as to what could be happening?

The thing that struck me immediately was that the Okto shows S32_LE, whereas the MOTU shows S24_LE.

In Roon, under ‘Max bits per sample (PCM)’, the drop-down offers 16, 24 and 32 for the Okto. For the MOTU, it only offers 16 and 24. Could this be the issue???


With my Win 10 PC connected to the MOTU, Roon offers 16, 24 and 32 in the drop-down. Everything works perfectly.


The Sonore Rendus do a better job with kernel updates.

Maybe @Jesus_Rodriguez @agillis can confirm which kernel Rendus are running?

That seems to be important with this Motu model it seems, for Linux compatibility.

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The Sonore Rendu runs a much newer 5.x kernel.

Which version number Andrew? 5.11?

5.4 but with a bunch of back ports from higher kernels. also some other custom mods get DACs working that don’t work with other kernels.

Ok. Some reports say this particular interface needs a patch/s that came to mainline 5.11 but I don’t know