No Volume from SqueezeBox

Subject is a pre-Logitech SB3. It connects, shows the roon screen. I can change the display to show the waterfall and see it moving, yet there is no volume.

Downloaded and installed this evening so is latest build. New user to roon.

TIA for assistance.

I’m not sure I understand the problem.

By “there is no volume”, do you mean that you can’t hear anything, or that you can’t see a volume control somewhere where you expect to?

I was not clear I see. There is no sound emanating from the speakers. I can’t hear anything. The SB3 remote does not control volume when using roon. Volume on the PC in roon is set to 95.


If you are seeing the waterfall volume, then audio is making it to the Squeezebox. That display is generated on the device itself based on the audio that is passing through.

If volume is at 95 in Roon then there should be something coming out of the digital out + RCA jacks (the SB3 has no speaker built in).

This sounds like a downstream connection issue.

If you play music to it from LMS, do you hear anything?

Installed LMS onto the laptop (Win 10) setup and played music with no issues. Volume works fine. Track Name ect all visible on the Squeezebox.

Made sure that LMS does no run at startup. Rebooted SB abd laptop. Started roon. Again see the waterfall, no music from speakers.

SB connects to web service fine, plays Pandora and dozens of other stations I’ve picked.

Issue of no sound is only when using roon.


I’m at a loss. I have a pre-logitech SB3 working fine here, and it has never given me trouble like this.

It really does seem that the volume is turned all the way down somewhere in the device. The waterfall proves that Roon is sending an audio signal.

Are you using the analog or digital output?
Is the firmware on the device up to date (I would think so…LMS probably would have updated it if it wasn’t already)?

Your settings look like this, right?

My settings do look like the screen cap above.

I’m using the analog output to an aux input on a Cronus Magnum (if that matters in anyway).

I’ve always found that for a given position on the amp’s volume knob the SB has always played softer than all other devices. Even when the SB’s volume control has been turned to full.

Comparing the waterfall peaks I see that when using roon the peaks displayed on the SB are much lower for the same piece of music than the LMS.

Is there a gain control on the SB that I may have missed?

Thanks for all the support during my trial period. Sure do appreciate it.

What kind of content are you playing (file format, sample rate, bit depth)? I can take the same content and try to see if my waterfalls change shape with LMS vs Roon–at least then I would have reproduced part of the problem, which could get us further down the road to fixing it.

A last ditch effort: try factory resetting the SB3. Maybe LMS configured a setting on it that we don’t know about that is causing it to behave differently than mine. You can do that like this:

Plug the power connector into Squeezebox while holding down the ADD button on the
remote until you see the Set Up Networking prompt.

Tried the following.

  1. Disabled LMS from startup
  2. Reboot
  3. Start roon
  4. Restore SB3 to default
  5. Connect to network
  6. Set roon to use SB3
  7. Play mp3 from recent vinyl purchase download card.

No sound…waterfall is there

  1. Pour 3 fingers Basil Hayden’s
  2. Sip on above
  3. Stop roon
  4. Reboot PC
  5. Sip
  6. Start LMS
  7. Play mp3 from recent vinyl purchase download card.

Sound is there.

  1. Type this up
  2. Sit back, enjoy music, sip bourbon.

More proof of the magical properties of bourbon, not to mention its empirically proven the more you partake of it the better your system sounds.