No Zone / endpoint showing up using Raspberry Pi4/4GB with DigiSignature

I recently finished setting up a hand-built RP4/4GB and am unable to see as a Zone on my iPhone. The RP4/RoPieee shows up under the devices tab on my iPhone Roon App. Only two zones show up: iPhoneX and PS Audio Bridge ???

Here is what I have so far:

I have rebooted the following
The Mesh Router
The RP4
The Synology Roon Core software off and then
Powered down/ up the Synology DS1019

When I look at the about tab in the Roon App:

- roppieexl shows up - Version 1.7 (build571) stable 
	 “you have the latest version installed”

Running the Room Core on a Synology DS1019+

The Room core / Synology setup works just fine on my main stereo setup using a PS Audio DAC with Bridge.

Raspberry Pi4specifics:
a. Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM
b. Digi Signature One using the Digital Coaxial Output to a DAC
c. Hard wired Lan connection
d. Linear power supply
e. 64GB Scan Disc SD Card
f. RopieeeXL operation system lates version

  1. Lan Connection:

    • Hard wired to the same switched router with Desktop and Synology NAS
    • The router is a Netgear Orbi RBR50 Mesh router
  2. Here’s what I have so far:

    • I can interface with the RP4 through the web browser ropieeeXL/local
    • i can see the RP4 from my Netgear Orbi App - shows hard wired
    • I can see and operate the PS Audio Bridge on the iPhone
  3. RoPieeeXL/Local settings

    • General Tab:
      Hostname ropieeexl (same as I see on network router app)
      Audio HAT Allo DigiOne/DigiOne Signature
      Audio USB not selected
      Force Volume not Selected
      Vol Level 1
      Timezone US/Eastern

    • Remote Control —- Not setup

    • Network Tab: WIRED (All IPV4 address match iPhone)

      Configuration Method: DHCP
      IP Address: correct numbers ( matches wireless NW)
      IP Netmask Matches wireless Network
      Gateway: Matches wireless Network
      MAC Address same as Orbi wired shows for MAC
      Enable Wifi NOT SELECTED

    • Advanced Tab

      Update Channel Stable
      Update Schedule On Boot
      Reboot Schedule Never
      Reboot Time 03:04
      LED ON
      Web Authentication NOT SELECTED

    • RoPieeeXL Tab:

      Audio Output HAT
      Volume Control None
      OpenHome Enabled

    Spotify / Squeezlite / HQPlayer NAA / ARE ALL OFF

Information Tab

Software Version		2.535
Board Temp			64C
Board Serial ID		has a long number
Board Type			Raspberry Pi 4 model B Rev1.1
USB FW Version		000137ad

Update of this problem: I was able to fix the endpoint problem and now can select the zone.

The fix was going into the Roon software and enabling the Raspberry Pi4 … who would have thought.

The problem I have now is; I can select the RP4 zone and select Tidal, however:

  1. After selecting a playlist and then a song to play the iPhone (same on iMac) the equalizer ICON on the play list appears indicating there is a source from Tidal.
  2. BUT the Song time bar on the player does not advance.
  3. The songs will advance on the playlist at the end of a song and the larger player controller shows the next song, BUT the time bar on the player does not advance?

Hence still no music out of the RP4

Any ideas to help would be much appreciated

Well I fixed my own problem… Only took me a day of frustration.

The final culprit was a bad 5mm to USB-C adaptor powering the Allo Digital Signature One

So for anyone out there haveing the same secondary indication of no timeline advance I posted above: