Node 2i issue with Roon

I just setup a Node 2i to work with my new KEFLS50II speakers since the KEF is not yet Roon ready. I’ve connected the Node to the KEF via coax. The Node is connected via ethernet to my network. The Node firmware is up to date. Everything works fine…until it doesn’t. There are some tracks and albums on Tidal that will not play. They appear to be playing, but no sound. I’ve only had this setup for less than a day so I can’t detect a pattern except that so far it only occurs with selections from Tidal. Local files and Qobuz files seem to play just fine…and most Tidal files play fine also; its just these occasional Tidal selections that are problematic. Anyone else experience anything like this? Anything I need to check in my Bluesound or Roon configurations?

Does the problem only occur with Roon? Ie, does everything work ok w/ the BluOS app, or via Tidal Connect?

Thank you for the question. At the time I made my initial post I had only tried it with Roon. Since then I have gone through the bluesound app with the same results.

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If you have headphones, you might try the headphone out on the Node. Could potentially eliminate the KEF as the issue.