Node N130 + Mac + Genelec G-One usability question

I have a question regarding usability of the Node 130 (or similar).

I have a Mac Mini, Genelec G-One speakers connected through USB (Dragonfly Cobalt). Sennheiser HD600 through another DAC on Ropieee.

I was thinking of getting a Node on my desk, plug the headphones in and use it as the main device for audio.

Here’s the question: is there an easy way to switch inputs and outputs (profiles through buttons on the node?) so I can easily change between Mac or Roon as a source for the Genelec?

i.e. can I send the output from the Dragonfly into the line in on the node and send them through the line out to the Genelec (delay?) so I have the Mac as a sound source on the Node?

(hope this is understandable, I want the Genelec on the Node and the Mac with an easy way of switching)

You would not need the dragonfly in the mix and it would be a bit of a mess if you did as you would have gone through a DAC to an ADC to another DAC not the best signal path. The node you would use via its Roon Ready network input and you could connect the Mac’s analogue out to the node. You can switch via their Blusound app or it has auto sensing inputs if I remember when I had one. If you want to keep the mac digital out you would need a DDC to convert usb to optical Spdif as it has an optical input. This would be better sq wise for the mac as no extra DAC steps involved.