Non-native desktop title bar

Just a minor thing really, but in Roon when in dark theme the title bar stays white as below:

Obviously not an urgent thing and very subjective I guess, but would be nice IMO to fit the title bar with the rest of the theme.

The title bar is controlled by the OS. Windows 10 allows you to have different coloured bars, but bear in mind the effect is global.

No it isn’t, at least not exclusively.

Here is Tidal:

Here is itunes

Both override the standard windows design.

Its a design choice, for example (a very simple one):

Using the ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().TitleBar property.
var titleBar = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().TitleBar;
titleBar.BackgroundColor = Colors.DarkBlue;
titleBar.ForegroundColor = Colors.White;
titleBar.ButtonBackgroundColor = Colors.Maroon;
titleBar.ButtonForegroundColor = Colors.Yellow;


Don’t forget that you can hit F11 (on PC) which gets rid of the bar altogether by going into fullscreen mode. A better experience if youre not using other apps.

Doesn’t the “fullscreen” option do this? Not sure if that is the right name, but the square box next or in the hamburger menu. I am running roon server, so without the GUI, but I recall something like that.

Yes full screen gets rid of it , however I like to have the window open when doing other things on screen.

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I’ve moved this topic into the Feature Request category so @Danny et al will pick it up.

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Ah ok, thanks @Carl
Obviously not a major one, just a look and feel thing. Probably not even a consideration on a MAC for example.

It’s a good suggestion. There’s a lot of places where I think we need to add more OS specific integration. Like you said, this is not that high on the priority list for us but I’ll make sure this doesn’t get lost.

Any progress for this topic?
I always use dark mode of MacOS, but the title bar of Roon dark mode is white.

This is Roon’s Title Bar compares to Plex’s Title Bar.

I suspect this is still on the list somewhere, but there has been so much development over the years, I’d be surprised if it’s even close to a priority.