Noob to Roon ... have some very basic questions can you help

Hi … I have installed Roon core on my NUC … and it now reads my NAS library (yipee!) …the NAS is a WD 4 TB unit…(mycloud I think)
My NUC running core is very close to my Naim NDS (about 5 feet away - I was thinking I would get a very strong signal connection between the two and therefore ok ability with big files) … so I was thinking I could use the NUC wifi to connect to NDS wifi … do I use an end point on the NUC? Is there a Naim issue using wifi with roon …

The NUC is on an ASUS wired router which gives the home network … downstairs I have a Denon AVR4000X av receiver … this cannot accept wifi … but is good for optical or coaxial, however it is connect to the eithernet and is seen by the NUC as a media device. Incidentally the AVR can currently play music via the network and connect to my NAS. Do I need a Raspberry PI to work as an endpoint … to feed my Denon AVR receiver? (and use tablet with roon app to control things…)

In my kitchen I have a very basic bluetooth speaker which I operate via my Galaxy tablet - this connects wirelessly to my NAS via the WD app and then bluetooths to the speaker.
Do I need another Raspberry PI endpoint and use bluetooth on Pi to communicate with speaker…and use tablet with roon app to control things…

Note my kitchen is separated from lounge by really solid walls so the PI in lounge will not give a signal to kitchen…I use 2 Asus routers … one primary and one slave to give me wifi in the lounge…and home coverage

Hope you can advise… phew…

RPi endpoints running RoonBridge should be OK (Q2 and Q3). Haven’t tried outputting to bluetooth from RPi directly - I used an adapter that takes audio input and broadcasts bluetooth.

Additional thought - I think that the Roon app for android can output to the tablet - so you might be able to use Galaxy to send Roon to your speaker. I haven’t tried this - I use an iPad and (for technical reasons explained elsewhere on the forum) the Roon app for iOS can’t play on the iPad.

That should work, I use my phone like this with a bluetooth speaker.

Q2: a Raspberry Pi will work very well for you if equipped with the right HAT. You can than control roon with a remote as usual. I feed my AVR with a pie and it works flawlessly.

Hi as mentioned before …my
NUC is running core (Windows 10) is very close to my Naim NDS (about 5 feet away - I was thinking I would get a very strong signal connection between the two and therefore ok ability with big files) … so I was thinking I could use the NUC wifi to connect to NDS wifi … do I use an end point on the NUC? Is there a Naim issue using wifi with roon … can anyone advise on this???

Will the NUC run core and and an end point.
Is an endpoint needed to render the music - into a digital stream for transmission??? Surely the file is already digital … as my Roon core currently allows me to listen to music via my headphones … plugging directly into the NUC. If I create a Wi Fi hot spot on the NUC and connect to my NDS will it allow music throughput…sorry all just a little confused…

Hi, I don’t think the Naim NDS is a Roon Endpoint yet. So even though both your NUC and NDS have WiFi, they can’t talk to each other via Roon yet.

Looking at this Naim thread, it looks like people are using a USB to Digital Coax or USB to BNC to get Roon from a computer (PC/Mac) to the NDS.

It’s possible the NDS could become a Roon Endpoint one day - that would be a question for Naim though.

The other option is something like the awesome Allo DigiOne with it’s BNC output (my recommendation):

Something like the DigiOne will allow you to move the NUC outside of the listening room, as long as it is connected to your network still. There can be audible benefits with moving the NUC outside of the listening room, if you are lucky enough to be able to do so. But I do appreciate, sometimes it can be difficult, depending on system and network layouts.

Hi Many thanks for your reply …right I think I understand … so, if I got a Raspberry Pi with a either a toslink out bnc board (aka hi fi berry digi board) - the Raspberry Pi would render the music and send it through as a pure digital stream … Currently my NDS has no problem with a toslink direct from my main pc. Hopefully this would work. Regarding Naim as a direct endpoint for Roon I thought this was a UPnP ethernet connectivity streaming issue … my proposal in theory should bypass the streaming ethernet interface. Any thoughts?

Hi, no problem. Yes the NDS is a UPnP endpoint but Roon doesn’t stream to UPnP endpoints - only RAAT, Squeezebox, AirPlay and Meridian endpoints. The latter 3 have some limitations.

The Digione Player I linked above comes fully assembled, with the Pi and the BNC board. No other assembly work required. But you can do it with a Pi3 plus HiFiBerry etc if you’re ok with putting it together and finding a case etc. Not hard of course and plenty of help here if you got stuck.

I would highly recommend the DigiOne Player (I’ve had the HiFiBerry before too) and use the BNC output to your NDS, rather than Toslink or Digital Coax.

And yes, you’re understanding is spot on

Thanks for all your advice …

Not a problem. Hope it ends up being helpful! Keep us posted with how you go.

Btw, like I said before, there is a small chance your NDS could become a direct Roon endpoint one day - or not. This would allow your NUC to talk direct to your NDS via WiFi or ethernet. But that’s a question for the Naim guys, not the Roon guys.

Hi re Naim I think they have had a belly full of problems re app installations on Uniti Core range … I suspect they will let sleeping dogs lie!!! and leave NDS well alone doh.

Ha, sorry to hear that!

Maybe the NDS Mk2 will bring easier/better Roon integration. But once you get the DigiOne you’ll be in no rush to upgrade anything…

And I really recommend you move the NUC outside the listening room if possible (if/once you get the DigiOne or similar). That alone may bring a surprisingly noticeable improvement.

Hi is this because of noise from fan or digital hash???

Fan noise possibly if you can hear it from your listening position. But moreso digital hash due to RF/EMI… it’s hard to really describe the improvement that can come with a seemingly simple change but you will know it when you try it and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner…

In my current setup it’s a little difficult for me to move my computer away from my listening gear. But before moving to this apartment I had a larger place with multiple endpoints around the house. Moving the i7 Roon Core outside of the main listening room was among the biggest improvements I ever made and it cost very little to do.

Same goes with the router IF you can. Move the router and the NUC out of the listening room. Not always easy to do of course.

And from the Roon Guru’s themselves:



Hi thanks for this…I will think about this …Naim advise that there equipment should be on a dedicated mains circuit - I assume for the same reason.

Yep the dedicated circuits thing can be to prevent/minimuse conducted noise and also to prevent/minimise groundloops.

The computer and router stuff discussed above is more radiated/airborne interference.

All can be problematic, depending.

Oh … my house must be worse than GCHQ!!!