Noobs question about the "nope" button

I’m on Roon for a month now and from time to time, more often than not unfortunately, after I play on Roon some pieces, Roon automatically plays some more stuff I definitely do not like at all.

I guess it is related to Roon Radio, but is it ?

Anyway, my question is : how can I say to Roon that the stuff their algorithm choosed is absolutely irrelevant/awful for me ?
I did not found any “down vote” button, so… how can I tell Roon to never ever throw me that kind of ■■■■ (to my ears) anymore ?

Simplest way is to deactivate Roon Radio.
Click on the Queue symbol at the bootom of your display to be able to do so.

Thanks for the tip. That’s what I may eventually do but I’d rather “downvote” Roon’s choice, if it is possible, in order to inform their algorithm that she is going the wrong way (for me) :wink:

How to use Roon Radio from Roon’s KB article.

Sorry to have to disappoint you. The thumbs down has absolutely no effect at all. Not in the short term and not in the long term.

I sympathize though. I share your feelings about the radio function. It just doesn’t work right.

Roon Radio is run by Roon’s Valence Artificial Intelligence Engine , as with any AI software it can only improve if you “train it”.

if when you hit a track you don’t like you hit the “next track” arrow you will see a small pop up in my case in the bottom Right Corner


This is how you tell Valence why you skipped. I suspect many users do not actively do this so Valence is “slow to learn”

The overall choice of what’s next comes from many listeners choice and as in any AI situation will get better with time . To say it doesn’t work is premature , it hasn’t been trained yet !!

Does this help,

Well, it was introduced in November 2019, so is at least 19 months old. How long does it need based on the billions of tracks it must have served up? I have found that after playing one of the usually excellent Daily Mixes, it reverts to standard repetitive behaviour, choosing from a handful of artists.

I don’t know ,(For ever ??)

I was simply explaining how to the “noob question”

I find Radio fine for Rock etc but poor for Classical, for which I never use it

Fine and I was just ‘managing expectations’ as we used to say at work. If ‘downvoting’ is perceived as ineffectual, the feature will be unused/ignored and Valence will not get trained. Perhaps that is where it is stuck now? Personally, when using radio I am usually doing something other than looking at Roon, so voting is not an option.

You can thumbs up or down tracks before they hit the queue as well. If you go to the queue after Radio has started you will see what it’s next choice will be and can vote for it before it’s added it. If you thumbs up its added do you can build a queue of stuff you want.

Also make sure you have Roon radio notifications switched on

Btw: The screenshots seem to be outdated.

@Geoff_Coupe, still doing KB editing and is the article outdated?

Dunno, I seldom play Radio.

Not since the new Help Portal went live. It’s maintained by Roon Labs themselves now. @dylan - something to update here?