Nostradamus and Roon 1.3

Well what are we most likely to see in Roon 1.3, not what we would like but what from the "in pipeline " enhancements are we most likely to see.

Some metadata enhancements with editing ability, playlists and backup probably don’t need clairvoyance but what will I have to look forward to later in the year?


puts on frilly shirt and strikes declamatory pose:

The great city will be thoroughly desolated,
Of the inhabitants not a single one will remain there:
Wall, sex, temple and virgin violated,
Through sword, fire, plague, cannon people will die.

Of course, that’s just a guess :grinning:

Other than metadata, I don’t think anything has been publicly confirmed but am happy to be corrected. Playlists and backup do seem likely.

I’m going to guess multichannel support also (no inside info here, just a guess).

Is multichannel that big a thing?

I’m in the “we’ve 2 ears for a reason” brigade - to listen in stereo.


My dad always loved to tell the joke about Davey Crockett’s “wild front ear” but yes, some people have quite a few multichannel files that can’t currently be imported. Brian has opened this thread to talk about implementation.

Also the Roon API has been announced for 1.3.

So a cumulative guess (editing in stuff as we go):

Multi-location and mobile usage

Going to add Multi-location and Remote because of a feeling in my waters.

Also because Danny said this:

Never thought we might have a President Trump before we had Roon 1.3.

It would be a nice present as the evenings are drawing in ( for us in the Northern Hemisphere).

Every day I log in I hope to see a thread at the top announcing ROON 1.3 RELEASED!

Time to starts some more idle speculation… will it be before Thanksgiving or Christmas?


That quote was quite some time ago, I don’t have faith that will make it in this year. Please let me be wrong!