Not able to set the device to be a McIntosh MX160 in Device Setup

I’ve got a McIntosh MX160 connected directly to my Nucleus via HDMI (for Multichannel files) and via a Sonore Signature Rendu SE via USB (for normal 2 channel files). In either case, in the Device Setup I’m not able to set the device (using Identify Device) to a McIntosh MX160 because it that choice isn’t available in the list of McIntosh devices. While not a big problem, I would like to see this fixed to I can show a proper setup within Roon.

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Hello @Craig_Palmer,

No, the device is not Roon Tested. But we have not received any support requests for the device, so we would not anticipate any issues there. If there are any issues, you can be confident that we have a strong relationship with both companies to resolve any issues you have. We will reach out to McIntosh and inquire if they would like to submit the MX160 for the Roon Tested program.


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Thanks. That would be great!

Any update on this?

I am looking at an MX160 or their newer MX170 processor and would like to know it has been blessed by ROON

FWIW - I’ve got a MX160 with 2 different inputs from roon:

  1. USB input from a Sonore SignatureSE streamer (for 2 channel music)
  2. HDMI input from a Nucleus+ (for 5.1 channel music)

I’ve had no issues with the MX160 – works great. Don’t think you should worry even though it hasn’t been officially blessed by Roon.

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