Not all exported tracks from Roon are appearing in EXCEL doc

I have a playlist (CNet audio test tracks) constructed in Roon (from Tidal tracks). I want to export the list (only, not intreested in the music tracks).

If I use the three dots, only one track (not the one selected or plaing) is written:

If I select all tracks (CMD-A), then an additional menu bar pops up and I can export the list. I chose Excel, and the file is written to my desktop.

I try to open it I get this:

If I say “Yes”, the file opens, but lists only three tracks:

Any offers @support?

Hello @Graham_Bird,

Unfortunately, right now the Export To Excel feature only works on tracks that are in your library.
If your playlist contains tracks that are not in your library, they wont appear in your Excel export.



That’s very disappointing …

Same problem here - I hope Roon adds this needed feature.

Reviving this topic, hope you don’t mind. I had syncing issues with my Tidal playlist, so I started new playlists in Roon itself… only to find out there is no way I can now export them from Roon.

I did a quick search and found remarks/requests for a full excel export (including non-library tracks) dating back to 2017. I would really like to have this option too. Hope we can get it on the agenda.

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