Not all of TIDAL playlists appear in Roon

Hi, I’ve noticed that some playlists created by Tidal do not appear in Roon. Can anyone assist?

Thank you

Your playlists in Tidal?

No, the playlists created by Tidal. For instance, I got an email from Roon yesterday mentioning three Christmas playlists curated by them and available on Tidal. I cannot see them under the Tidal tile in Roon.

They only appear in roon in the USA I believe. To get them into roon go to tidal and favourite the playlists, they will then appear in roon.

Do this. Would you really want them all to show up in Roon? I would not.

Thank you. Your suggestion helped me find a workaround: if I create a new playlist in Tidal and copy one of the existing curated playlists into it, then I can see it in Roon too. This seems utterly strange.
Is this normal?

I created only one playlist of my own in Tidal. It shows up in Roon.

No. Just favourite the playlist in tidal.