Not all TIDAL Playlists are syncing

I recently returned to Roon and I love it so far, with the new 1.7. But I have one big problem: Of my 301 playlists in my TIDAL account only 175 turn up in Roon under “Florian’s Stuff”. I tried resyncing, I tried deactivating and reactivating the TIDAL account, nothing worked as of yet. Still only 175 out of 301 playlists. And they are both a mix of curated and self-made playlists. Any ideas what could work here?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Have you got shared playlists selected? That’s where I found my ‘lost’ ones

Hi, all my playlists are imported from Tidal, no ”local Roon playlists”. For a long time ago one of them was called ”Acoustic” and for a while ago I renamed it to ”Unplugged” (in Tidal). Some days, after syncs, the name of the playlist in Roon is Unplugged, but some days the name is Acoustic, even though I changed the name for several months ago.
Where do Roon actually get their Tidaldata from?