(Not another) Music Service / Android App Integration

Hello everyone, I recently tried Roon and even though I liked it, it didnt offer folder view which is what I have grown up with. And am waiting for that to be integrated otherwise I wouldnt be able to find any music.

Fast forward a bit - I was wondering whether it can play an android app and route the signal to my Antipodes DX server

The app I was specially after offers classical Indian music but only in android or iOS. So I was wondering whether roon installed on android would be able to take that signal and route it to the Antipodes (where it also has to be installed I guess)

This is the app I wanted to listen to but through the Antipodes

Any ideas whether Roon can support what I am talking about? Hopefully it makes some sense.

Roon at the current time cannot take a stream from an external source and then re-route it to its own endpoints. Internally, you can setup an Internet Radio station, but, for example, I cannot route music from my Amazon music app on my tablet into Roon.

Without folders you cannot find your music?

Isn’t that what artist name and album title is all about? Plus you can also visually see the album cover (like in the old days of those flat black round things).

Just a different method but using the same info on better screens…

*Thanks guys - Bummer, really wished there was a way to simply output music. Don’t think this service will ever be made audiophile - no one in India would know the meaning.
Yes I use a folder view, my music collection isnt so neatly arranged so Song title and file structure is one I am most comfortable with, no doubt its a very unsophisticated way of organizing music but one that I have always used … :). Welcome to the dark ages…

Ok. Thanks for explaining a bit more about the song/ folder thing.

You’ll see a lot of mentions on the board for tools like mp3tag. They can read your folders and files and allow you to add meta tag info
E.g. If you didn’t have any album tag data (maybe why you use folder structure) then you could really quickly add the same folder info as an album tag.

Whilst that isn’t an “album” in the sense that it matches an album you could purchase and Roon would recognise, Roon would group the tracks like an album.

E.g. Let’s say you have a jazz folder but full of random jazz songs/tracks. Then add the tag “Varuns fave jazz tracks” . Roon will rescan that and arrange those tracks in an album called…you can guess.

So, a little bit of file tag management and you could have a new way of playing your music.

I can understand it’s not for everyone especially if you’re used to a specific workflow you like. If you’re up for a change - it doesn’t take long to get used to Roon, and in my opinion once you do you’ll never want to go back. There will be a way to organise all your music in Roon just how you like it - just takes a little time. The result will be a much more enjoyable experience, with a few minor fringe benefits like multi-room synced playback on <$100 devices, control from lots of devices, and much more.