Not another pdf scanner (NAPS)

I’ve been buying up quite a few second hand Cds lately and so am ripping again. First time round I never scanned booklets etc and said I’d do this this time. The software on my PC (free with the scanner) Paperport really made things pretty torturous. In frustration I goodled “scan to pdf” and the first hit was NAPS2. Well why not? I thought.

This turns out to have been a very fortuitous choice for as well as scan to pdf it allows you save all the images scanned in one go.

You can crop rotate etc very easily. It makes it possible to copy the leaflet while the CD is ripping.
It allows you choose a number of scan runs with a time interval in between whihc is great for box set booklets.

A beautiful simple piece of free software that works very well.
I have of course donated but thought I’d share in case some others here were having less a than easy time scanning



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