Not consistent display of conductor and performers

Here 2 cases of a similar sort of album, which are projected very different in ROON

The order of the conductor and ensemble are swapped, and there is a mix of German and English. I understand the following item of course heavily depends on the metadata being delivered to ROON. This is true for the album title (English versus German), but the conductor and artist are presented in the same order on all music:

What is also peculiar, is that the first part of the artist cannot be selected (i.e. is not underlining when the cursor goes over it):

I can of course manually fix it in ROON to override, but it remains peculiar why the prefix “English Concert” is in front of Trevor Pinnock’s name?

Just trying to understand the “logic” of ROON to see what and how to fix things efficiently, and not break things in a next (mandatory) re-scan.

Just in case, here are the original tags

PS: The logic of my tagging:

  • Album artist is where you would store a CD physically and alphabetically. I put a suffix (c) for composer, and suffix (a) for artist based. This gives me the option to easily distinguish classical music in a flat list of artists.
  • I put a suffix of the main performer behind a title, to avoid cluttering of different performances of the same piece in my file system
  • I keep the composer alpabetic on its surname, as many devices cannot sort on last name (Apple Music, iPad, iPhone, Aurender), or don’t conform to the sorting tags (Aurender)
    So far I’ve not seen that this type of tagging is messing up with ROON.

From the Excel export, you can also see that it refers to the correct album (I put a space in the link to show the link itself):
https: //

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