Not finding artwork[Solved]

Hello. I added 4 albums through iTunes into my watched folder. All of these were added to Roon, but none of them have artwork. The albums were correctly identified by Roon. Also if I attempt to identify the album. Artwork is present in the identify album artwork. Anyone know of a fix for this? The albums have no imbedded artwork. Thanks!

Can you list the albums in question and if possible a link to for each album.

Missy Higgins - OZ

Lake Street Dive - Side Pony

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression

Whitney Rose - Whitney Rose

2 of these don’t have artwork in, but 2 do. Thanks!

I noticed the Metadata preference for artwork was set to “Don’t Change”. I switched this too prefer best and rescaned the album. This resulted in artwork being displayed in Roon.

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