Not migrating my core to new Nucleus

I am to receive a Nucleus tomorrow, my present Core is on my iMac. I am thinking I might not migrate the Core to the new Nucleus it would remove a lot of unused music and all of my downloads are stored on two external HDs.

That’s fine. Back it up anyway and set it aside in a safe place. You can always change your mind.
BTW, enjoy your shiny new toy! :smile:

I have already backed up on one HD and will on another tonight.

One other question should I delete the core off of the iMac before I set up the Nucleus?

How are you going to use the Mac? How was Roon set up on the Mac?
If you are going to use it as a client, to interface with the Nucleus, and it was Roon ‘all in one’, leave it there. Just disconnect it as the core.
If you are going to use it as a bridge, best to take it off the Mac.

My answer is simpler: I never delete anything from anywhere.
Storage is cheap, and you never know.

Hi, can you elaborate on the “just disconnect the core” statement?

Currently have ROON setup on a mac (core / control / output)
Will setup ROCK on a NUC (core / output)
Would like my Mac to then be Bridge (output) or Remote (control / output)

How do I make current Roon on osx just a Remote or Bridge?

The Community articles on Migration & Headless appear to contradict each other.
One says delete the old database and one says do a fresh install.

When you set up ROCK, you will restore a backup of your current Roon Setup to the ROCK. When you do that the ROCK will become your ‘core’. You will be asked to ‘deauthorize’ the core on your Mac. You deauthorize that core.
When you run Roon on the Mac it will simply be either the controller or the Bridge. It’s ‘Core’ functions (the instance of the database, for example) simply will not run on the Mac. You will be able to use it for the other functions.
I don’t want to complicate this, but if in the future you want to run the Core on your Mac, you would do this by turning off the ROCK unit and ‘deauthorize’ it. Then the Mac will run as core, controller and bridge if you so desire. You might do this if you go on vacation, for example (if the Mac is a laptop)
Its still the same installation of software, but the core function can either run or not run.
Does that make sense?

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OK, I believe I follow.
Will try it out when the NUC arrives in next couple of days.

Cheers :+1:

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