Not to pile on, but what's your BIGGEST 1.8 pet peeve?

I would say, if that is really your biggest complaint, that’s a remarkable endorsement of the release.

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haha, yeah. You’re right.

Me adding this thread is doing exactly that: Piling on. So I’m sorry.

I’ll roll with aesthetic changes; there’s no accounting for taste. And download/install issues are a byproduct of people hitting the server really hard, as well as the developer having no control over how robust or feeble someone’s system/computer setup is.

But when a decision is made that reduces basic usability or functionality, it just seems crazy to me, and I just had to unload.

And the idea of the thread was just to get an idea of people’s biggest issues.

In both Artists and Albums view - pulling the side slider also brings up letters and years as you move up / down through the window.

My biggest pet peeve is that somebody has started a “biggest pet peeve” discussion less than 24 hours after the release became available. How can you have a “pet peeve” in less than a day? And, of course, “not to pile on” is a bit of a joke, because that’s exactly what people are now s doing.
I like 1.8. I’m not complaining because it isn’t perfect. I don’t know of anything that is.
Give it a few days, at least.


Not like I went to the developer’s house and literally pounded on their front door and screamed at them. They’ll see the thread when they see it. Or they won’t. it’s all good.

And sorry if you were peeved about the thread title. :slightly_smiling_face:

That does work better. Thanks for the tip.

You can also just type a letter in album view and it will take you to artists that start with that letter. Just like if you clicked the letter.

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After several days of intensive use:
The signal path and queue buttons are too close to the 3 play buttons.

I have to try harder than I should to make sure not to hit the wrong button.
They should be moved to something like in 1.7, or spaced more.

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The recommended albums are not visible in the album view without scrolling.

With every new song, the recommended albums change, and now you have to decide whether to look at the album title/overview, the songs on the album or the recommended albums.

You used to be able to see all of that at the same time.

Along with a full waveform, properly sized text and a button layout that made more sense, better symmetry and absolutely no wasted space.

I went back to 1.7. I loved it before, but I super-love it now.

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Janky scrolling on iPad and iPhone. Also being blinded when switching from a non beta app to Roon with the dark theme.

Used to have that on Android with horizontal scrolling. All better now.

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I’m sure they’ll sort it for iOS, I’d hope it would be quite high up the bug list at least. Even slowly scrolling is pretty awful, not seen it in an app for ages.

I dunno folks…I’ve not had long enough with the new version & thus far it’s only ‘exit fullscreen’ requires scrolling that I found annoying. I’m already get use to what at first thought was a bit painful.

However, what I wanted to say in my case…is that I largely have my settings, select my album and play it. Seems I don’t ‘fiddle’ nearing as much as others around here.

My main objective is the playing of the music in a seamless manner, that it sounds good & to interact with the metadata when need be.

As I’ve often said to others in various threads streaming per se can be achieved flawlessly & gapless on $5 apps (that I also have). Yet here I am here using Roon.

Whilst I’m all for ‘improvements’ or additional features on the basis it doesn’t ruin the functionality of this software, I sit here thinking amongst all these threads berating the new release…

How about listening to the music.

That’s not to say given some time, I may also have some more detailed thoughts here…but, I also think that many are not willing to be flexible and work with how 1.8 looks and behaves.



No scroll bar on right for my History

I find it unbelievable that it doesn’t tell you that you’re adding a duplicate track to a playlist.


Why should it? You may wish to do just that.

No longer feeling confident in recommending Roon to others.

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That the search sucks to the point of being useless in many cases.

The search.