Note capturing ability in the edit screen for Albums & Artists

If possible, I would appreciate seeing an additional feature added to the edit screen for albums and artists where I can include a note. I frequently discuss music in various forums and being able to retrieve thoughts and impressions captured while listening would be my primary uses case. Or jot down I have listened to the first CD in a multiple CD set. Notes of that nature.

Then display a small icon on the bottom left of the album art similar to what is visible now when a note is present.

Pie in the sky idea but why not ask,
David :grin:

@David_Albers: I support your request. I would appreciate having an additional field for including comments or notes when editing albums. I have some recordings which consist only of one audio file without individual tracks and would like to add specific information such as a tracklist or other comments. I have been using the „version“ field for this purpose so far and it worked quite well as a workaround but a dedicated field for comments in the „edit“ section would be a helpful feature and probably not too difficult to implement.

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As we entered 2022 I thought that this would be a great feature until I realized how I’d want to use it approaching 2023…

For just notes it’d be fine. But, I’d want to search those notes to figure out what I was taking notes on over the past year and that’s when I realized that including my notes in search results would be awful. I decided to use a different program which will do a better job with full text search.

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