Nothing found on YouTube: How well does Roon work with Sonos, based your experiences

Nothing found on YouTube; I wanted to get a feel for how well Roon works with Sonos, based your experiences.

Any audio drops?
Problems with play/pause?
Volume control issues?
Playback issues?

My Sonos devices show up under Roon as either ‘Airplay’ or ‘Sonos Streaming’. I use Sonos streaming and everything works as expected. No problems at all.

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Thank you so much for that. How is syncing music across a group, for when you want to play the same song on a group of speakers?

Only tried grouping 2 Sonos speakers so far and can confirm both in perfect sync. No problems. Be aware that you can only group similar output devices (eg can’t mix Sonos ones with i2S or anything using the RAAT protocol).

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I’ve been using Sonos and Roon together for years, with no problems that can’t be traced to the need to keep the Sonos software up to date. I’ve linked up to 3 zones for synchronized playback without issue.

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Thank you for letting me know your experience.

I use bluesound currently.

Another seamless roon / Sonos user. I was using a Sonos Boost before I got roon and continue to use it without any issues.

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Nice thing is you can pick up old Sonos connects that are being aged out and use them for Roons end points.

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Like bluesound, sonos doesn’t have chromecast, which is annoying.

I have a number of Sonos devices; all work fine except the newest Sonos Amp which stutters sometimes when starting a stream and during playback.

Roon does not identify the Sonos Amp as “Roon Tested” … it shows up in the “Other network devices” section. Roon recognizes the device as a Sonos AMP but it doesn’t have its own icon (other Sonos devices have icons) I have no idea if this matters, but just a heads up in case you plan to buy the Amp.

Edited to add: this isn’t a wifi issue - the Amp is hard wired on my network.


Can @support help here? Should Roon recognise the new Sonos amp?

Flawless - Nuff said - :microphone: Drop

What’s flawless? The above was regarding the newest Sonos amp.

I have the Amp and it works fine. I have it plugged in over Ethernet but no issues at all.
I also have multiple stereo zones and I link them regularly into groups.

My only complaints is that when you ungroup them it does not work and it needs to be ungrouped in Sonos

Are Roon aware of the ‘ungrouping’ issue? Thanks so much for sharing your experiences :pray:

Good to hear, I have no idea why mine has issues… just wondering, does your Amp show up as Roon Tested or in Other network devices?

Yes Roon are aware, and it has been discussed in depth on some thread’s.
It’s just occasionally annoying when you forget you have grouped them and play music late at night :see_no_evil:
In someways it is easier to use the Sonos app to group and ungroup but I mostly forget.

My Sonos Amp, Roam and Move all show up as both Airplay and Sonos devices in the Other Network devices section. I do not enable Airplay as I prefer Sonos and I have multiple older Sonos that do not support Airplay.

I have five Sonos endpoints (two Play 1s, a Play 5, two Connects, and one ConnectAmp) in my home and they all work flawlessly with Roon including the ability to group and ungroup in multiple configurations including all five at once. I use them for casual listening throughout the house including my outdoor patio on an everyday basis and they work great.

Thank you for the feedback. :+1: