Nothing like ABBA

Trying to please wifey tonight, so asked what sort of music she would like to listen to. ABBA was the answer, OK I thought anything for a peaceful life. Duly went to ABBA artist page and clicked ABBA radio only to be met by the message “Roon can’t find anything similar” and a refusal to play. I didn’t realise the ABBA was so esoteric and nothing like them exists in my 25000 track library and the whole Tidal catalogue! Is radio broke?

Radio relies on data from Roon users, maybe not one of has played ABBA. Odd as Tidal has lots of ABBA

I’ve just tried it and off it went. ABBA, ABBA, MADONNA, 10CC, Alan Parsons, Billy Joel, Supertramp.

The post was a bit in jest, after trying several seed tracks radio did start but with artists that not in this world or the next would I have associated with ABBA like early Queen and ELO. Wifey wasn’t over impressed! :joy:

Flamboyent, Over The Top, 70s Rock. ABBA absolutely fits in with the other two. What would have have mixed in?

I just threw in Super Trouper and advanced to fill up the queue a bit, and this is what I got

I definitely need your version of Roon it’s far more intuitive than mine! :grin: