Nothing working on SonicTransporter -- can't access Roon

My system consists of;
ROON - the current version is not available for me to see so that I can report it to you
IPad Pro model ML0H2LL/A
OS 10.2.1
Music Server is Sonic Transporter from Small Green Computer 8TB drive
Apps. 34,000 music files
Ayre QX5-Twenty Dac connected via USB from Sonic Transporter

I have had a ROON lifetime membership for about 8 months

The software was working for me erratically, and then three days ago I tried to do an update to 3.1. From that point nothing has gone according to plan. All I saw was the pulsating ROON logo, For about 12 hours, then with an iPad and a music server reboot this morning, it somehow connected me to my TIDAL account and started asking me about what Genres I wanted to load. After about two hours, that never went anywhere except pulsating either so I am now contacting you.

I am not the most technologically savvy, so handholding is likely to be necessary for me.

Please let me know any other information I can provide that will be of help. Thank you

paging @agillis

@Jonathan_Andrews go to and click on contact us. I can give you support directly.

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