Notification banner / bar / window when playing new tracks

I was wondering if it would be possible to see a banner on the main window of the computer when Roon is playing a new track, like it is the case with iTunes. I tried to find this option; but I did not find it. So I assumed it doesn’t exist in Roon, but maybe I am wrong and it does exist. If this is the case, please let me know where I can find this option.

I work a lot on the computer that I actually use to run Roon, and I would like to be able to see what track is playing without having to switch from my main desktop to Roon. I use a Mac, and I prefer to use Roon in the full page mode, which forces me to switch from one desktop to the other to see what track is actually playing (in any case, I would have to switch from one window to another).

I know that a lot of person will not want such an option (so it should be only an option), but I realize that I am missing something like this. Maybe members of this community are more imaginative than I am and could propose a temporary solution.


I seem to recall @joel wanted notifications like this in the early days of Roon. It’s a great idea!

Hi David,

I don’t think it can be done yet (or, more honestly, I don’t know how to do it) but I understand things (or widgets) like an on screen banner (or transport controls ???) might be possible when the API (or Roon Operating System, as I have seen it called) is released.

It may be that scripts have to be written to implement such things. I have no doubt that there are users on this forum who could do that in their sleep.

Let’s flag @brian and @danny and see if they’re able to tell us anything along those lines.

imho, I think the main issue is that creating their own notifications or tying in to the OS notification system becomes OS dependent and begins to break apart Roon’s “program once for all systems” vision.

I totally understand that Roon does not want to break this “program once for all systems”, and if my request requires breaking this then most likely it should not be took into consideration.

Nevertheless, (and I have to say that I am very naive regarding those kind of issues) I was nevertheless wondering if something like such a feature was possible to program for all the OS we could use to run Roon. If so, then it would not break Roon’s vision to have a consistent experience no matter the OS we use.

Looks like a good idea for a future release :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have a now playing window displayed or a notification as opposed to the main play window (looking to save some space on the desktop)


Hi Anil,
Not at present.
I’ve moved your post into this topic in the Feature Requests category.

Wow! This request is still not fullfilled after 6 years?? Why is it not implemented as an option? Can you implement it please?
It really annoys me that I have to click on the Roon program to focus it on the foreground while doing other stuff on my PC to see what song is playing!
In LMS and Deezer you can enable toast notifications for Windows!

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