Now Playing Artwork, JB Radio-2?

I’ve really been enjoying JB Radio-2 (many thx to the swap meet thread contains for sharing all the great new music finds). I happened to visit their site to learn more about them and noticed that they publish album artwork in their now playing window on the site. I googled around to see if artwork was supported with Roon in radio streams but couldn’t find anything. Any support for radio now playing artwork when available? If not is this a stream source issue or a Roon supporting it issue?


Roon does not directly display such artwork at present, you might consider raising a feature request for it. Roon monitors these requests and you might elicit support from others.

I realise this is not the same, but as a bit of a work round, if the song and artist are recognised, then the now playing screen will show this plus the name of the album. You can click on that.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll submit a feature request. I am seeing the artist info for sure, and actually have downgraded from FLAC streams just so I could see the artist/track info (which caused a small part of me to die inside :slight_smile: ), but am honestly just tired of seeing the giant, ugly Live Radio icons up on the iPad when leaving Now Playing up and running.


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