Now Playing > Device / Zone Icons > different colour (+ a suggestion)

Being a bit bored again I took another sharp look at the Now Playing bar and screen (on MacOS, Roon 1.6). The icons for the zone or device currently selected have a different colour property assigned than the rest of the icons (queue, volume) and the icon description, most obvious with the Dark theme while hovering above the entry:


The zone icon gets its colour from matter-grey4 – which brings me to the suggestion mentioned in the post title - maybe for the QA and UX teams.

As an experiment, check how this one colour gets used throughout the application. It’s probably pretty easy to change matter-grey4 to some “red debug value”, and maybe best viewed with the Light theme. I personally found it quite surprising that the same colour is used in varying (!)

  • descriptive (as a kind of label or as part of the information architecture),
  • decorative (when the intention may have been just to make it look nice) as well as
  • functional ways (like “hiding” an action, indicating a certain state of the app or providing a hover effect or other navigational indication).

Maybe this experiment gives a few small hints why some feel there are inconsistencies in the UI impacting the UX.

Yes, many differing options are tied to the same color source. I commented on it several years ago when I started investigating themes. Since, I’ve completely whipped my Roon into different palettes over the years and I’ve mapped many color source values to its UI element.