Now Playing Queue

Is there a new feature lately with the Queue that changes the way the “Now Playing” song is displayed?

Before, I would only see the one song Now Playing in my queue, and the history was hidden unless I scrolled to see it above. Now, with every new song, the Now Playing song continues to drop further down list until is out of sight unless I scroll down through the historical plays or choose the “Jump to Now Playing” button.

Is this the new normal? Any way to change this behavior to be like it has been for the last couple of years for me?

What device are you using to look at the queue?

Once you have done that, is everything alright? If not, until when?

Using a Windows 10 laptop with latest updates as the core.

When I select “Jump to Now Playing”, it resets and the behavior continues.

As new songs are finished playing, they stack above the currently playing song and as the list grows Now Playing song moves off the screen as the history builds above it.

This happens to me as well. I believe this is a new bug. A couple other users mentioned it in a thread about the latest update.

Thanks for the update. As far as issues go, it is very minor. Just something I noticed happening as I typically use Roon the same way every day, and the behavior was different.

There was an update for me today when I started my core, which is just a laptop. I don’t seem to have this issue now with the Queue while shuffling my Albums. A minor victory to be certain, but I feel better. :slight_smile:

It was a fix in the release notes.

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