Now Playing Some Jazz [2021-2022]

Here is a list of Top 20 Jazz albums of 2020 from Jazzwise

Top 20 Jazz Albums of 2020 | Jazzwise

What Jazz have you been listening to lately? How did you discover it?

Post other lists you find, or post your own list …


Thanks for posting this @RobOK. I don’t really consider myself a big Jazz fan so I was surprised to see I had 4 of these in my collection! That Nubya Garcia album is fantastic.

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Here’s NPR’s list.

Maria Schneider’s Data Lords is #1 on both, and otherwise a fair amount of correspondence between the two lists.


Very nice list. Thanks!

My 2020 top 20 (reverse release date):

Faune, Raphaël Pannier Quartet
Pedernal, Susan Alcorn Quintet
Atlântico, Mario Laginha/Julian Argüelles/Helge Norbakken
Sentinel, Erik Friedlander
Rainbow Sign, Ron Miles
The Unidentifiable, Matthew Shipp Trio
Omega, Immanuel Wilkins
History Gets Ahead of the Story, Jeff Cosgrove/John Medeski/Jeff Lederer
Blue Has a Range, Steve Cardenas
Tide, Micah Thomas
Hero Trio, Rudresh Mahanthappa
Imaginary Archipelago, Karuna Trio
Tight Like This, Kirk Knuffke
Freya, Tineke Postma
We Are Sent Here By History, Shabaka & The Ancestors
Big Vicious, Avishai Cohen
Angular Blues, Wolfgang Muthspiel/Scott Colley/Brian Blade
8: Kindred Spirits, Charles Lloyd
Fantastic Mrs. 10, Tim Berne Snakeoil
Nocturnal Animals, Yelena Eckemoff


The albums reviewed at tend avant-garde, but not exclusively. Some of my favorites overlap with theirs.

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Awesome list!! any further pointers… a Top 5 to start with, or grouping them in some way? (you mentioned avant-garde in your note…

Tough to select 5 out of the 20, but here are 5 chosen for novelty (Omega and Freya are first releases for their leaders) and general unpredictability. None pure avant-garde, all exploratory.

Pedernal, Susan Alcorn Quintet
Imaginary Archipelago, Karuna Trio
Freya, Tineke Postma
Fantastic Mrs. 10, Tim Berne Snakeoil
Omega, Immanuel Wilkins

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Thanks for the recommendations I will give them a listen. By the way, “Freya” is not Tineke Postma’s first release. She has been releasing recordings since 2003/2004 and now has about 7 releases under her own name plus another 10 or so appearances. Check her out on Tidal or Qobuz.


I would like to recommend fluxfm jazzradio schwarzenstein to you. It is a adfree radio station, music only, strictly jazz.

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I hope I’m not stepping on any toes here but I couldn’t see a Jazz-specific category in the Music section so thought I’d start one. I’ve been listening to the genre for ten years now but there’s so much I still don’t know and I’m always curious to discover something new, or new to me. What Jazz have you been listening to lately? How did you discover it?


I’ll kick things off with my current listen: Salute to the Sun – Live at Hallé St. Peter’s
by Matthew Halsall. I know it’s not for everyone but I love the Spiritual Jazz revival that’s happened here in the UK and this is a prime example. Really nicely recorded, and excellent performances all round. I used to find jazz flute a bit cringe (possibly that scene in Anchorman did not help!) but now it’s one of my favourite instruments, and fits really well with the trumpet and harp here.


Jean-Luc Ponty is probably my favorite violinist who plays jazz, he can make the violin sing, it’s quite delightful! Stuff Smith is excellent too :smiley:



It’s always good to have another Jazz themed thread going in the Music section so no toes stepped on.

I did a search for “jazz” in the Music section and got these results - there are several very worthwhile threads among those listed.

Here’s a new release I was just listening to. I usually “discover” new music via new releases in on Tidal and Qobuz or via a post on one of the many music blogs I follow or via hearing on the radio or SiriusXM’s “Real Jazz” channel (although Sirius tends not to play anything too adventurous).


A little Sonny Clark to make the morning crackle.






Does anyone else feel that the DJ on KCSM might be a bit too fond of the Hammond B3 organ?

There’s nothing wrong with the B3 :wink:

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Hammond B3 is a great instrument. My brother had several of them during his lifetime. We lugged that thing all over up and down the east coast USA along with my drums.