Now that importing and organizing my Library is nearly completed....what to do next?

This may seem like an odd question, but bear with me.
I am nearing completion of adding my own music library (80k tracks at the moment). Apart from the very obvious pleasure of playing and enjoying the music, I’ve started to think about what I need to do now. I am spending a fair amount of time grooming my collection (missing artwork, better artist and title descriptions etc) but that is also almost done. I guess my next task is refining my own tags which I used to classify music type (I don’t use genres very much). For example, splitting out Brazilian from my Latin tag. And then there’s playlist creation and refinement.
I’m just curious how others have approached their Roon journey.
PS I should add that I have a Nucleus and mainly use Sonos, so I’m not one for messing around with the technical side of Roon.

Don’t forget to sit down and just listen :wink:

But, after my initial import I built a few rasp Pi’s and put Roon in every room of the house. Then tweaked the upsampling in some rooms to get just that little bit of extra sound quality out of the DAC. I then taught the others in the house to use it. Put a tablet next to to every source so there was a remote in every room… hmm… yeah… don’t forget to sit down and listen.

oh, and then I spent a ton of time here reading.


Much the same as you have in my case. I had a Sonos based system before Roon but wanted to move towards higher definition audio and have better quality flexible endpoints. Within about a year of Roon adoption Sonos was gone, replaced by Raspberry Pi/RoPieee endpoints feeding various DACs.

Roon did illustrate how badly my music collection was organised in places and what a poor state some of the metadata was in. I have done quite a bit of work uploading artwork to Art Director to fill in the many blanks but other than that I am not too concerned about artwork.

Tagging was and still is a big requirement due to the performance of the Roon search engine. It is getting slowly better but as we have a lot of compilation albums (with similar titles) tags were and still are the only way to quickly and reliably find stuff. I don’t take any notice of genres as they are in many cases incorrect or so all-inclusive as to be useless.

Next steps for me is just to discover new artists. Roon seems to be getting better at this but the Radio function is fairly broken at the moment. I must listen to more of the Roon Playlists…

EDIT: nearly forgot. Although you say you are not one for messing around on the technical side, every Roon user should have the following sorted out ASAP as part of their Roon journey:

  • A Roon database backup schedule
  • Local Audio file backup schedule
  • Local artwork backup schedule (if you have substituted any that Art Director provides)
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Do any editing at the file level as much as possible. You can add RoonAlbumTags and RoonFileTags as metadata in the files. That way if your database every corrupts and you have to rebuild your tags are not lost.

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Good points. I use tags effectively as my own genre classifications although I could perhaps be more creative. I do local audio backups and Roon database backups via Dropbox. I haven’t used Art Director so far. I assume that all the artwork I’ve added - usually from Discogs - is backed up as part of my Roon database backup?

After experiencing a database corruption in December, I’ve been focusing on getting everything properly and consistently tagged, including MusicBrainz IDs. I’ve always been pretty methodical about rating and tagging everything, but I’ve used a personalized system and I now see the advantages of using tags according to accepted conventions. It’s a big job, even on my 15.5k track library, so I’m chipping away at it. I’ve discovered some CDs in my collection that were only partially ripped and some that I have never ripped, so I’ve also discovered some new music along the way.

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This is something I have not got round too yet just because of the amount of work involved. Yes it is the best approach but also the most labour intensive for a large collection.
Anyway, the Roon database backup is suppose to be bullet-proof now isn’t it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: I don’t know if local artwork is backed up by a Roon backup. Can anyone answer this?

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