NRFY just too far behind

This I very much doubt.

For me its not working as it should at any time. It’s just a wasted feature. I think maybe once it picked up one album I missed in my manual trawling at some point but it was not over the weekend, for the whole it just too little too late. If the data is there at after 12.00 am on Release day which it generally is when I check Qobuz in Roon then why does it take 3 more days or generally longer to process this? I don’t remember seeing anything in the same week at all maybe because I have already added them. I’ve not added anything from this week’s releases so let’s see if it comes up with anything at all over the next few days. If it does it will be funny as nothing at all has made me listen to them.

Neither do I what has that got to do with this feature at all. It’s about finding new music , which for us it doesn’t do a very good job of doing.

“I don’t remember seeing anything in the same week at all maybe because I have already added them.” - Never thought of this to be honest and I would be curious if this has an impact.

I always check the releases on my Tidal and Qobuz apps individually and then add anything I fancy from there and sync Roon. Started doing it this way when I realised NRFY does not really work for me.

I tried not adding before though it didn’t change. Ill try again, but impatience will get the better of me…I like to hear new music when it comes out, its a ritual for me and not one i will change. New is new as in this week not last week’s next week.

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I know what you mean Simon.

I have to agree that NRFY doesn’t do it for me. I tend to keep a fairly old school approach to new releases (music press - online and in print).

Roon Radio (and now Daily Mix) have thrown up plenty of great suggestions re: existing releases, but NRFY doesn’t replicate this for new releases.

On the matter of new releases being available on Fridays - ABSOLUTELY!!! It’s a ritual that replicates the joy of my teenage self getting the bus into town to buy the latest CD on the day of release.


Exactly my thinking.

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Roon Radio is great and I have discovered so much music. Love this feature!


it would definitely be nice to have the NRFY section be up to date and I do not think it is asking too much, or for magic. I love Fridays for new releases :grin:


It would be good if the relevance view sorted by date order i It’s an absolute mess of dates from all over the year. I take it @kevin it’s sorted by the order of which it thinks it relevant? It’s either relevant or not so date ordering for these would make viewing and making sense of it much easier.

Nothinga updated for me this week yet. Others it seems to have.

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