NUC 11 coming out ... worth it?

Can I ask where you got this info?

This was a mistake. I was able to find the post where I read the information, but it states that the 8th gen received the larger fan. Sorry for the confusion.

If you don’t plan to do heavy-duty up-sampling to DSD, it feels like pretty much any NUC with a decent i5 or i7 (or even i3) will work. To get it silent, you can use a passive cooled chassis like this one:

This one might also be an option:®-Powerful-i7-10510U-4096x2304-DisplayPort/dp/B087J9WFXD

That Kingdel is very interesting and available here in the States. Can it run Rock - and how would one go about installing it since it comes preinstslled with Windows?

$675 for 16gb + 256SSD fanless - WOW!

It might but won’t be officially supported. Only way to find out if it works is if someone tries it…

No different to installing ROCK on a NUC that had Windows pre-installed - same install procedure. Just over-write the drive.

It should work, and according to this link someone tested it and ran Rock without any problems.

Is there any consensus on which Intel NUC is least noisy?

The one in a fanless case…


I certainly hope Roon will announce support for the Gen 11 soon. Intel has already announced the Gen 12 will (should?) start shipping 4th quarter 2021.

Tapping fingers patiently waiting… :slight_smile:

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I have a NUC built by QuietPC that uses this case. It’s latest gen and throws some heat, but this fan less case handles it like a champ. The case doesn’t even get warm. Running ROCK with 46K files.

Heads up…

I had a preproduction 11th gen board, but it had issues.

Intel has sent me a few production NUC11i5TN boards to play with today … they have a EFI requirement, which ROCK does not support yet…

I’m working on EFI support now too, so yah… soon.


If possible, it would be very interesting to hear how they perform with HQPlayer, especially DSD256 + ASMD7EC?

I’m sure you’re just as fit to answer that as Danny?
Roons interest in the NUC capabilities probably does not extend beyond ROCK compatibility.

Just buy one and run HQPlayer and whatever OS fits? :slight_smile:


I got a NUC11PAHi7 (for HTPC + Audiolense convolution for DSP crossover and room EQ)

I turned Turbo Boost off, it’s still quite zippy with a base speed of 2.8GHz … Which is not a big difference from the NUC8i7 (base speed 2.7GHz) but the NUC11 is quieter…

I can’t hear it from 3m back…

For my use I don’t need zippy but I’ve been playing around with it, just for sh!ts n giggles.

Hi Danny.
I have NUC11i5TNK, and willing to try UEFI revision and test it. I must get DAC on Monday, 3/8, that will be plugged directly into USB port. I have NAS Synology that will be used for external storage. As it is now, NUC has 8 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD.
Let me know

I’d recommend the Asus PN50 series - very quiet. I used to play music off a server but realized ethernet is noisy so moved a copy of my library to a 4TB SSD which fit nicely inside the unit. We then built a linear power supply to replace the little wall wart - sound is quite spectacular.

Don’t buy a NUC not compatible with ROCK. Generation 8 and 10 work well with ROCK.

Are you running ROCK?

If you are using Rock then you are using it on a unsupported platform. Such usage is considered tinkering and not officially supported. If you are going to suggest others use the same hardware, please specify it as such so they understand the choice they are making in choosing that hardware.

Nope - Linux core. Very much supported.


Hi Danny,

Thanks for letting us know - any update or success with supporting nuc11 yet?