NUC 11 with Roon Rock and HDMI

I am planning to buy a LAIV Dac with an Is2 input. Can I connect it to the HDMI port on my NUC 11 with Roon Rock? I try to avoid using the USB port.

Have a look here:

There are support for HDMI.


Thanks. I assume I was not clear enough. I do have an ethernet connection to the NUC 11 running Roon Rock (on the NUC). Currently I am using the USB-Type A port on the NUC to connect my Chord Qutest Dac via its USB Type B input. I want to know: If I buy a DAC with an Is2 input. Can I use the HDMI port on my NUC to connect with that Is2 input?

Are you sure?

The NUC11 devices support standard HDMI but I don’t think that they support I2S (over HDMI).

The LAIV Dac has an HDMI connector but it looks like is is only used to support I2S.

From LAIV Harmony Dac specs:

Digital Inputs:

    1 x USB
    1 x Optical
    1 x Coaxial
    1 x I2S

My replay was related to NUC


The HDMI-port on the NUC cannot be converted to output I2S-signals.
So the answer is: No, you cannot use the HDMI-output of you NUC for your I2S-input of your DAC.
Kind regards, Frank.

Thank you very much

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