NUC 7i7BNH fan speed

(Frank Poloski) #41

So to build one with the akasa case I would order the i5 nuc that roon recommends (click the amazon add all to cart button) then buy the akasa case and move the contents from the intel case to akasa? Sorry for the basic quest but this is new to me. Thanks.

(Geoff Coupe) #42

Yes - the Akasa Newton S7 case is designed explicitly for the 7th generation Intel i3 or i5 NUCs - so the NUC7i5BNH motherboard will fit. Not sure that the Transcend SSD that Roon has on the list is readily available - I went for an alternative.

(Steven Goff) #43

I wasn’t able to find the Newton S7 case at a reasonable price in the US, so instead bought the Akasa Plato X case, which likewise works with the 7th generation i3 and i5 NUCs. I think I’ll use the Mastergel diamond-dust heat sink compound on the CPU.

(Christoph Eichenseer) #44

Don’t know, what is a reasonable price, but you will get it in germany for around £ 88 inkl. shipping to UK and paypal option.
For example here:


(Mr Fix It ) #45

Akasa Plato X7 works OK but the issue is of course no way to monitor temps without heading into the bios.

Akasa said that the case is not going to be enough cooling a 7i7 if its running flat out for long periods. so far overtime I checked the temps in Bios its been from 58-62DegC and case is toasty warm but I don’t think its any worse that the NUC original case when things were under load.

(Steven Goff) #46

My temps for the i5 are a fair bit lower, but I also replaced the CPU pads with the Mastergel heat sink compound, which does a better job of transferring heat to the case.

(Mr Fix It ) #47

Currently I am running a 4 fan laptop cooler pad under akasa case which helps a lot and is still marginally quieter then the 7i7 NUC fan especially if I am running a full analysis of music

I’m going to get out my data logger and set it up with some temp detection pads and see how things go over time without additional cooling. Either way it’s never to hot to leave may hand on the case even where the cpu is situated. But as heat is a killer of electronics it’s good to be too careful.


After the i7 NUC fan desaster, which is inacceptable in a listening room, when is roons own fanless i7 ROCK product due to be released?
Or did I miss something and it’s already available?

(Danny Dulai) #49

looking for mid-sept release right now, but it might be end of sept… will keep you updated. we are in last stages of production…

is there a reason you didnt go for the i3? it is much much cooler


Hi danny

Thank you for your frank answer regarding a possible release date.
The i7 because I want to be able to upsample to DSD512 and maybe do some room correction of needed.

(Edwin Vandevyver) #51

Hello Christoph,

I am planning to buy this AKASA case and the price I found on your link can’t be beaten. Is this a known website/seller in Germany???


(Christoph Eichenseer) #52

Hi Edwin,

yes, it is a serios dealer. I got mine without any problem. They also have a side in englisch language and paying by PayPal is possible. Shipping within the EU is € 13,50 - worldwide € 29.
So - I think - it is a fair offer without risk.


(Rainero) #53

Hi, I really don’t see the need for i7 processors.! I run ROCK on Nuc i5 (passive cooled solution) with plenty of power and solid temperatures ~ 45 degrees celsius. Actually I don’t understand this “big topic” about upsampling… I can not hear really differences justifying the huge efforts for this thing! :thinking:


Hi @Rainero, what’s your fanless NUC i5 solution?

(Rainero) #55

Hi Tekl, I‘m still very happy with this setup. I do not run any DSP methods, so no need for horse power above i5 processor. Nuc i5 in Akasa fanless case runs rock solid and totally stable.



Do you have bought a plan board or just the NUC Kit? I can only find NUC7i3DNBE as a board, not the NUC7i3BNH.

(Rainero) #57

I bought the Kit and disassembled the original thing. The fanless case comes with some helpful documents and YouTube was a good source for rebuilding a fanless system.

I can’t see any weaknesses regarding cooling performance, at least in my scenario.
You will find many dealers on the web:



Thanks for your answer. I already ordered the NUC Kit and will first try it without the Akasa. :slight_smile:

(Mr Fix It ) #59

I am running the Akasa Plato X chassis with a NUC 7i7BNH board inside. When first running up a new library import I ran it with a laptop cooler blowing on the case as it was getting rather warm, but doesn’t seem to be an issue for daily use even upsampling to DSD512 for extended listening periods. Prior to the Fanless chassis the fan noise on the NUC as purchased was rather noticeable during normal use.

There are a number of other alternatives to the NUC ROCK that I have played with that are more DIY but might be a little daunting.

I have to say that the Nucleus chassis is by far the best fanless NUC implementation I have ever seen. While I love building computers and playing with Roon setups on them, if I had to live with just one I would pony up the $$$ for a Nucleus in a heartbeat…even if I ended up having to run Windows on it for additional utility.


Now my NUC is running. I’m wondering that I can hear a tiny silent truck noise :wink: even in BIOS setup. That’s louder than my iMac from 2010. So I’ll got for an Akasa case. But I don’t know which one to choose. The Akasa Plato X7 or the Akasa Newton S7? Do they only differ in size and format or are there other differences? Can I use the M.2 storage together with a 1 TB SDD inside both cases like in the original NUC? Do both have the same cooling performance?