NUC auto-on after power loss

I found an Intel support note that I thought others may be interested in. I’ve had a few house power outages after installing the NUC in March, and it would need a press of the power button to restart. The support note At the link below tells how to change the behavior to start automatically after power’s back on in the bios settings. It was pretty simple and worked!

It is probably safer to have a UPS backup for the NUC. I’ve had multiple outages one right after another that can be hard on equipment. That was before I had the UPS and I was glad to NUC stayed down after the first outage. I have ups backups for all my electronic equipment now.

Mark, thanks for the tip, I think I’ll do this…

To set the Intel® NUC Mini PC to power on whenever a power source is connected:

  1. Press F2 on keyboard during start up to go inside BIOS
  2. Click Advance > Power > Secondary Power Settings > After Power Failure
  3. Select Power On under After Power Failure
  4. Press F10 on keyboard to save the changes and exit BIOS
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I would be cautious of enabling this, after a power cut the power does not always come back smoothly or consistently, if I have a power cut I actually ensure all my audio equipment is switched off until the power has been back long enough to feel confident there will not be another power cut, if lightning storms are around I leave it off.
Disks and electronics in general do not react well to sudden power changes.


Thanks for the words of caution, but in my case I have an SSD, so I’m not to worried about the equipment failing due transient power losses and it’s all backed up in case the NUC did break. If the modem, router, and switch can handle power outages (all turn on with power), I figure the NUC can too, and it beats having to run to the basement to press the lone power switch! :slight_smile:

It killed my Mac Mini because of auto power on.

The company I work for use NUCs on directional drilling rigs. We use them to log into to do our directional job. The power on those rigs is supplied with generators and they’re very unreliable. They get turned off every shift for service and re-fueling too. The NUCs have been turning on every time with no problems at all.

Whether that’s just a NUC thing I don’t know but it works well.