NUC can't find bootable device

I just upgraded the bios on my NUC (NUC8i7BEH) and after the update, the system cannot detect a bootable device. The bios was reset to default settings and I followed the setup steps higlighted in the ROCK installation guide and I still cannot get the bios to detect my M2.SSD as the bootable device (the M2 SSD shows in the devices section, but I cannot make it show up in the bootable devices order).

I don’t want to lose my ROCK setup, and I am thinking just to port the SSD to another NUC but not sure if that will work.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this after the bios update? And if I get a new NUC and simply move the M2 SSD (assuming there is no issue with the SSD itself) would that work? I take it for granted that the M2 SSD itself should not be affected by the bios update and therefore it should work just fine if I move it to another NUC of the same specs…

Any ideas are welcome…

Ensure that “legacy boot” is enabled.

I did, but it still reports that no boot drive is available.