NUC Connection Advice

Hello, Im new in here, las year I tried roon and ended loving it and asembling a ROCK.

Currently it’s connected this way.

NUC -> Ethernet switch -> bluesound node -> Rotel Preamp

Is it ok? or should I connect the NUC directly to the preamp via usb?

Thank you and happy new year.

What you already have should be fine. But you can try the USB connection, too, and see if it makes a difference – probably won’t.

Ok Thank you! About the ethernet cable, how much should I spend? I know about the snake oil, but I’m using the cheapest cables I found, I think I should upgrade them…

If they meet the ISO/IEC11801, TIA/EIA 568B Category 5E standards and are ETL/UL or CSA/UL approved, they’ll be fine. This should be printed on the side of the cable. I prefer non-booted/ moulded unshielded connectors.

I’m pretty happy with Amazon Basics cables for everything. But if you feel the need for more quality, Blue Jeans Cable does a nice job.

Thank you, I’ll check them out.