NUC HDMI multichannel out to HD621 - correct Audio Device Setup?

I tried to connect the HDMI (HDA Intel PCH HDMI 0) from my NUC with ROCK Core to a Meridian HD621.

With the Audio Device Setup set to default (Advanced Setup Channel layout = 2.0), some music comes out of my DSP8000 speakers. But it’s stereo 2 channel only. If I change the Advanced Setup to Channel Layout = 5.1, nothing comes out anymore.

What’s the proper Roon Audio Device Setup to output multichannel from the NUC HDMI to a Meridian HD621?

I’ve just posted a comment (to you) on the Meridian HitchHikers forum - hope it helps a little…
Just noticed that you’re using ROCK. Might be an important clue that I’m using Windows 10 Pro on my NUC + UHD722.

Thanks Roland! I’ll mess with it a bit more following your suggestion after the holidays!

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