NUC i3 Gen 11th

I was try to use Rock on NUC as my MacBook Air already 7 years old.
But with a clumsiness I bought a new 11th gen of i3.
So there were difference menu than the install guide, barely I could not set the Legacy boot .
Please advise.

I don’t think the Gen 11 is ROCK ready yet, @danny posted in another thread that he is working on UEFI compatibility. So for now you could use any Linux operating system or Windows for that matter.
ROCK is “promised” for Gen 11, but not when…

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A NUC i7 Gen8 would get you more at lower cost.

You may find this thread helpful. It includes a howto install Ubuntu and Roon.

Or you could use Windows.

Already bought Gen 11th, that 's the thing.

I would like to try the rock because I concern the different in sound quality. Anyone has came across and tell the different between platform.

whoops, sorry missed that…

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No way to send that one back or exchange?

The Roon principals have never advertised ROCK as an improvement in SQ.

ROCK is offered as a theoretically more stable solution that is not impacted by either the frequent updates of a Windows machine or by superflious OS routines that are not needed in a music player.

Sometimes the ROCK kernel needs to be updated for newly released Intel hardware, so that could be a problem for a Gen11 NUC.

Really, running on WIN10 is fine for most people. I’ve been doing it for 4 years. I’ve also used ROCK. There is no SQ difference. You don’t need to over-engineer.


Zero difference in sound quality. ROCK is just easier from a maintenance perspective vs. Windows and keeping it updated.

We found support issues related to bad sound quality due to bad configuration dropped drastically with ROCK users. It’s mostly because you can’t use the OS Mixer by accident since ROCK doesn’t have one.

But that’s just bad configuration, not something magic ROCK is doing to the sound.

One other thing is that people having dropouts or hiccups found them to go away, but that’s because their OSs were doing other things and their machines were underpowered.


I don’t have any hardware to allow me to use rock so I haven’t been able to mess with it, I mean there really isn’t anything to mess with… it’s almost turn key.

But I can say no matter what machine you run Roon core on, if you allow it to access all cores for Library scanning it WILL use all cores and take almost 100% of cpu usage to do it… which will cause the hiccups and drop outs that are being reported. It’s not a bug or flaw… it’s background tasks that need to get squared away.

I realize you can drop the number of cores being used to minimze this problem but that just prolongs the amount of time it takes for the tasks to complete. Leave the machine alone for a bit and let it grind away the tasks until it’s done.

Once things are completed Roon goes back to working smoothly again.

If you change the setting to “throttled”, itll never use 100% of any core.

The topic I brought up was things like Mac OS’s Spotlight indexing, or Backblaze deciding to run hashing on all your files on all your cores, etc… external things affecting sound.

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Ah… misread it… gave it another read and now I see what you’re saying. I can see where this wouldn’t be an issue with rock. :+1: